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fixed Assets Management software
Fixed Assets Management Software
Why do you need an Asset Management or Tracking Solution?
  • What assets do I own?
  • Where are they located?
  • What are the characteristics of my assets?
  • Is my asset register up to date?
  • Is my asset register audited frequently?
  • Does my asset register enable effective maintenance records?
  • Is my asset data dependable?
  • Does my asset data support in effective decision – making?
Asset Registry & Asset Management Solution

According to ISO 55000;

“An asset is an item, thing or entity which has potential or actual value to an organization. The organization should determine the information needs related to its assets and consider the technical and physical asset properties”

Asset data can include, but is not limited to an asset id, asset name, asset description, location, category, custodian, price, depreciation details, manufacturer details, notes, purchase and warranty information and maintenance manuals. The asset register provides the structure within which asset data is recorded. The data includes maintenance, audits, asset utilization etc. Asset register is the repository for the asset data.

An organization’s asset register should be updated and in asset management software and in financial systems. Accessing asset-related information from numbering system or systems which are not accurate makes it difficult and inaccurate for analyzing data for asset utilization and decision-making purposes.

Emirates Photo Marketing supports its clients and partners in creating accurate and updated asset registry. Updated and accurate asset registry is mandate for a proper asset management application. This enables complete visibility of all assets in your organization. This can be real-time or on request.

Emirates Photo Marketing asset management solution is built on latest technologies and is supported across all platforms. We do have asset management solution on cloud which can be used as a ‘pay as you concept’. Integration to technologies like barcode, RFID, NFC and BLE enables Emirates Photo Marketing asset management solution as a niche solution available in the market.

How it works?

  • Assets are tagged with passive RFID/NFC/Barcode tags
  • Each tag will have a unique ID
  • The complete asset data is uploaded in the web application
  • The unique ID is linked with each asset
  • The mobile application will give you a snapshot details of the asset
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