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Realtime wayfinding solutions
Realtime Wayfinding Solutions

Averos RTLS solution helps companies to track in real-time their people, staff and their valuable assets and thereby improving operational efficiency. Averos provides standard and bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs and helps you integrate into new and existing enterprise system.

Averos software platform integrates, analyses and combines data from hardware devices in one secure central server/Cloud platform. It also allows access to various kinds of services for live tracking and mapping of people & assets. Averos provide intuitive developer tools for integration into a wide range of applications.

Warehouse & Logistics Solution

Averos’ Logistic solution features its own CoreBlu BLE tag and Loris BLE scanners, specifically designed for the logistics market’s demanding need. A whole range of advanced cloud-based application software modules are available for building-up solutions that fit to a large variety of asset and logistics tracking requirements.

Employee Attendance System

Averos integrates its live tracking RTLS based and other technological solution into its own attendance system. It provides an advanced set of features to meet the needs of your growing company. Furthermore, Averos provides an HR management module to meet all of your the basic needs and furthermore, using our advanced set of API you can integrate Averos’ attendance system into your own HR and ERP system. We provide support to all leading systems.

Hospital RTLS Solution

Improving Hospitals & Clinics efficiency with innovative and advanced RTLS. Use Averos’ versatile platform to tracking assets and thereby optimizing hospital’s efficiency and saving costs.

  • Live Track patients
  • Live track hospital staff
  • Track & locate valuable medical equipment and assets
  • Use the power of advanced analytics to provide insight into your operations

Child Safety Monitoring Solutions

Children’s safety is a major concern in today’s modern cities. We provide non-intrusive set of solutions to keep track of children in real-time in different large surface areas, such as schools, malls, amusement parks.

Transportation & Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Averos’ advanced sensor-based vehicular tracking, monitoring and management system and has the versatility of connecting sensors, providing processing and communication, that makes it into new generation of IoT category of sensor-router specific for the Traffic Management System. When deployed strategically, the customer is able to have a continuous data feed and data analytics solution to deal with complex traffic management issues in a very cost-effective manner. Averos also provides a suite of AVL and fleet management solutions.

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