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An access control system is a necessity for businesses in the UAE that wish to provide a safe and secure environment for their workforce. Additionally, access control solutions are also useful for efficient crowd control and thereby help businesses to deliver an improved customer service relationship and keep people safe at all times. From biometric readers and id card readers to electronic gates, our access control portfolio is ideal for use in a wide range of industries within Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including retail, airports, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. Each of the products that we offer is a result of extensive research and expertise. They are user-friendly in that they provide smart and easy integration, which enables hassle-free operation. As one of the leading access control system companies in UAE, we here at ePm UAE are well-equipped to address all your requirements. If you wish to know more about the access control solutions that we provide, get in touch with our team today!

Our Service Inclusions

Access Control

As suggested by its name, a biometric access control system makes use of an individual’s physical identifiers to permit entry into a given area. At ePm UAE, we provide businesses based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai both touch-based and no-contact biometric access control systems. Apart from the product itself, we also do install such systems and also provide training to the in-house personnel on how to use it properly.

Non-Biometric Access Control Installation

While a biometric access control system is the most prudent way of securing your premises, non-biometric also stand apart as a viable option due to its cost-effective nature and ease of use. Our non-biometric solutions incorporate other systems to limit access and cordon off specific workspaces. Cards, credentials, and electronic gates are a few examples of such solutions.

Access Control System Repair & Maintenance

Apart from installation, we also provide repair and maintenance services for our clients based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE. Our technicians are well-trained to cater to all types of repairs in a professional and reliable manner.

Access Control Systems

How Does an Access Control System Work?

The term “access control” refers to any technique used to monitor and control passage in and out of a given area. These types of systems provide businesses with absolute control over who can enter restricted areas and when they can enter. The key components in any access control system include the tag, reader, control panel, and lock. To better understand how “access control” works, it is important to understand each of these components’ functions.


Tags make use of RFID technology to send signals to the access control panel and can be issued in the form of key fobs, keywords, or even smartphone credentials. Biometric signatures such as hand or thumb scans can also be used as a physical tag. Each tag will be unique to the person and have a unique encrypted identification number; thus, one can easily track the movement and access provided to individuals working within the same building.


Tag readers are usually placed on either one side or both sides of a door based on whether the system controls the entry and the exit. When an individual presents their tag to the reader, the components’ in-built antenna receives the unique ID number and sends the required information to the access control panel.

Control Panel

The access control panel can be referred to as the “heart” of the entire system. It receives the encrypted tag number from the reader, decodes it, and compares it with numbers already on the system. If the number matches the information on the system, it unlocks the door and permits entry to the user.


As already mentioned, the access control panel operates the electrical lock and opens the door if the specific user does have the authorization to enter the area.

At ePm UAE, we have a wide selection of Biometric and Non-Biometric access control systems that vary in their technology, make, and complexity. For more information about the access control system technologies we offer, kindly send an inquiry to one of the leading access control system companies in the UAE – ePm UAE!

Benefits of Using Access Control System
in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Access control systems may appear restrictive and, in some cases, unnecessary. However, the importance of securing your assets and work environment cannot be overstated. As a leading access control solutions provider in Abu Dhabi and the greater UAE, we can attest to its significance as a risk management tool in any given workplace. Listed are some of the key benefits of access control system:

  • They limit access to certain areas within the workplace to a few authorized personnel. This helps to improve accountability.
  • They are full-proof security solutions.
  • Electronic gates limit movement into a workspace and can be controlled when the premises are full to hold off entry.
  • Access control systems can be integrated with alarm systems that issue a warning if there is an attempted breach.
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