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AI Process Monitoring

How the system works?

  1. The video capturing Ai servers from our Australian based control room extracts video content from clients existing CCTV systems on site and processes those images through our Ai machine deep learning servers. This process identifies abnormal events and behavior.
  2. Control room officers verify such Ai filtered events that fit our client’s criteria and are then able to forward them via a customised app.
  3. 100% accurate event reports with corresponding video tag sent to our client.

Ai algorithms can help with:

Potential Injury and hazard detection, Illegal/Negligent Behaviour.

Contractor and Staff protocol/KPI monitoring.

llegal/abnormal behavior .


Ai algorithms can help with:

Staff productivity.

Customer satisfaction level monitoring.

Staff protocol monitoring.


Ai algorithms can help with:

Food contamination.

Health and safety.

Contractor and Staff protocol/KPI monitoring.

Staff productivity.

Internal/External theft.

Shopping complex

Ai Algorithms can help with:

Trips and falls.

Water spills/hazard detection.

Contractor protocol monitoring.

Car park monitoring.

Human abnormal behaviour monitoring.

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