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                      MicroPOISE MK2 – Secure hologram applicator

hologram application machine

MicroPOISE™ is the world leading secure desktop hologram applicator.

Trusted by governments, infrastructure authorities, educational institutions, large companies and individuals worldwide to apply security features to security documents and cards of value. Our on demand systems allow users to apply the security feature as the document is issued, reducing the risk of theft during storage as well as reducing the risk of counterfeit documents in circulation.


MicroPOISE™ applies security features using a hot foil stamping process. This dramatically increases the security of the document as the feature cannot be removed without detection.


MicroPOISE™ is used to apply a range of hot stamping foils including

  • Duogram
  • Datafoil
  • Registered single image hologram
  • Continuous wallpaper hologram
  • Kinegram
Why MicroPOISE?

Trusted in over 100 countries worldwide – The proven security solution

Point of issue security – Greatly reducing the risk of theft and counterfeiting

Anti tamper control – Protecting the process of applying security features

PC software – Allowing you to store and recall parameters

Designed and built in the UK – Guaranteed quality and support

MicroPOISE point of issue security

MicroPOISE point of issue security

How is it used?

MicroPOISE™ is extremely versatile and is used in a wide range of applications around the world.

Some examples include:

  • National ID cards
  • Driving licences
  • Education certificates
  • Cheques
  • Import documents
  • Student cards
  • Travel visa’s
  • Credit cards
  • Airport and maritime cards
  • Customs documents
  • Insurance documents
  • Limited edition print
Feeding Options

MicroPOISE™ can apply security features to a wide range of materials including paper, PVC card, PET, Teslin®**, polycarbonate and as well as other materials and substrates.

Security Foiling offers a broad range of on demand options for applying features to these materials:

  • MicroPOISE™ MK2 Hand-Fed Point of issue
  • MicroPOISE™ MK2 Hand-Fed with document template
  • MicroPOISE™ MK2 Semi-Auto Sheet Feeder
                      MicroPOISE™ MK2 Hand-Feed ID card Template

MicroPOISE™ MK2 Hand-Feed ID card Template

Now you can feed cards and stamp more than one image in perfect register to the print.
With templates for each application you have the flexibility to can change jobs in 5 minutes stamping 25 cards of one sort and 430 of another with ease.
This new feeder increases hand feeding accuracy for small volume production avoiding investment in an automated feeding system.

All this with the Point of Issue Security features of security of MicroPOISE™ MK2 and Sentry


                                            SENTRY Control System

MicroPOISE™ machines are equipped with a sophisticated and unique security control system designed to control the use of the machine which includes:

  • User access control via password

  • Supervisor access control via password (optional)

  • Engineer access control via password

  • Control of the number of impressions that can be made without further intervention. The machine can be programmed via an encrypted code to stop the machine after a specific number of impressions.

  • ‘Dead on arrival’ – machines can be shipped so that they cannot be used until contact is made with the Security Foiling or the official reseller – avoids machines reaching the wrong person.

                                                   SENTRY PC APP

With the Sentry Access PC App all operational parameters can be saved and uploaded to the MicroPOISE™ in just a few seconds allowing rapid changeover of jobs and every job can be stored and recalled.

  • Digitally & securly control machine access
  • Full control of the MicroPOISE™ machines parameters on screen

  • Store parameters and recall them at the push of a button

  • Control and program MicroPOISE™ Auto-Feeders

  • Easy to use interface

The SENTRY PC App connects to the MicroPOISE™ SENTRY Control System giving you a unique level of control and security over you application.


The SENTRY PC App has a simple to use PC interface, putting you in full control of your document security application.

Spare Parts.

Using official MicroPOISE™ spare parts means your investment will continue to function to the highest standards for many years to come. Your order for spare parts will be handled by the very same team that built the machine. Security Foiling operate an upgrade policy for all of their products to ensure that new technology and efficiencies can be integrated into older equipment where possible.

SFL duogramoptions

Hot stamping foils.

For the highest quality results and to protect the warranty of the MicroPOISE™ we recommend you use official MicroPOISE™ foiling consumables:

  • Duogram® HD – An anti-copy security feature with fast authentication. Unique design for each customer. Available in Gold and Silver.
  • Datafoil® HD – Transparent data protection security feature with fast authentication. Unique design to suit the customers identity and to ‘complement’ the design of the document. 
  • Serial numbering and personalisation – Can be added to Duogram® HD to add that additional level of security or customisation.
  • Holograms – Single image registered or continuous wallpaper.
  • Signiture panel foil – for applying panels onto plastic cards.
  • Graphic hot stamping foil – Every colour imaginable in all types of finishes.
                                            MicroPOISE™ Accessories

A range of accessories are shown below. All designed and manufactured by the same team that built the original MicroPOISE™ and therefore you can be sure that these items meet the same exacting standards to work correctly with the machine.

MicroPOISE MK2 Document Template

MicroPOISE™ MK2 Document Template

The Document Template offers the user the ability to accurately locate the position of stamped area onto all types of documents and card and is manufactured bespoke for your application.
The template simply locates onto the document table of your MicroPOISE™ MK2.

MicroPOISE™ MK2 Card Template

MicroPOISE Card Template

The Card Template allows the user to use the MicroPOISE™ MK2 Hand-Fed to accurately stamp in a set position on a CR80 plastic card.
The position of the stamp is defined using the positional guides which is included with MK2.

MicroPOISE™ Foil Destruction System 

MicroPOISE Foil Destruction System

The Foil Destruction System is an accessory which attaches to the MicroPOISE™ MK2 to securely destroy the left over foil after application. 

It attaches below the foil rewind system and shreads the foil as it is rewound onto the core to ensure that any waste foil cannot be used again.

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