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An intuitive and simplified parking management solution

The ClevercitiCockpit delivers access to real-time parking data to simplify operations and reduce parking complexity. The integrated smart parking management platform is a cost-effective solution to increase parking revenues and improve the overall driver experience.

Get a complete overview of your organization’s parking activity, delivering on-demand data through an intuitive, Web-based platform. Cleverciti Sensors transmit real-time information to a cloud-based or local server, which is then accessed through REST APIs by operators to gain increased visibility into parking assets. This data can empower parking operators to achieve long-term efficiency, business and financial improvements.



Access to live control and occupancy data, to enable better decision making based on real facts.


Generate additional revenues by optimizing the usage of the space dedicated to parking, and by adapting the pricing dynamically.


Reduce the cost of enforcement by prioritizing the streets to verify. The Cleverciti Cockpit lists the streets which count the highest number of violations.

Real time parking data simplifies your parking management problems and offers a cost-effective solution to increase parking revenues and improve the overall parking experience of your customers.

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