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Security paper

Security paper is a paper used in security printing that incorporates features that can be used to identify or authenticate a document as original, e.g., watermarks or invisible fibers in paper, or features that demonstrate tamper evidence when fraud is attempted, e.g., to remove or alter print such as amounts or signatures on a cheque. Examples of this kind of papers are those used for identification such as passports [1] and certificates, such as birth certificates and different types of academic and qualification certificates, as well as government documents, e.g., voting ballots and tax strips. This also extends to personal and business checks, stock certificates, certificates issued by financial institutions and sensitive government-issued documents. The main use of security paper is to stop people from counterfeiting.

Easy Printability

Unlike conventional printable plastics, Teslin substrate does not require special inks and prints like paper. It is compatible with a wide range of digital and conventional print platforms, including laser, offset and intaglio, and brilliantly reproduces colorful photos, graphics and text.  It has the ability to lock in inks and toners, allowing them to set almost instantly. It dissipates static which helps reduce paper jams and achieve high throughput rates (passes ESD S.541 @ 50% relative humidity).

Teslin synthetic paper also accepts writing from most pens, as well as rubber-stamp impressions, and can be hot and cold foil-stamped, laminated and hole-punched.

Exceptional Durability

Unlike other papers that require additional processing such as protective coating or lamination, Teslin substrate resists abrasion, water and chemicals without added process or cost. It is easy to fold and offers excellent fold endurance.

Certificate printed on Teslin syndetic security paper Teslin synthetic security paper supports security features typically used for certificates and diplomas

Enhanced Security

Teslin substrate protects printed data against threats of alteration. It absorbs inks, toners and overlays, rendering text and graphics virtually inseparable from the surface they are printed on. It enables strong mechanical bonds with print and laminates, and permanently distorts when submitted to mechanical stress, for tamper-evident protection.

Offering high-resolution, vivid printed graphics and text, Teslin substrate accommodates color-shifting inks, fluorescent inks, microprint, as well as a wide range of printed and non-printed security elements. Teslin substrate can be embedded with generic and program-specific security features to make documents more difficult to replicate, easier to authenticate and ultimately help deter forgery.

Luxurious Feel

Teslin substrate has an obvious, rich, velvet-like texture that supplements the prestige of documents and the institutions that issue them. It is ideal for vital certificates, university certificates, professional certificates, titles, deeds, bonds and corporate stock certificates.

Trusted Around the World

Since the time it was invented, Teslin substrate has been embraced by governments, institutions and security professionals around the world for its longevity and inherent document security advantages.

Today, nearly 30 years after its introduction, Teslin substrate is the chosen material in more than 50 countries around the world for certificates and other critical documents, including national ID cards, electronic passports, drivers’ licenses, breeder documents and more.  In fact, Teslin substrate is an integral part of more than a billion certificates and security credentials issued to date.

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