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Experience the Future of Digital Radiography with iCRCO

iCR 3600 offers exceptional image quality, high throughput and low cost of ownership. Ideal for private practice and imaging clinics, the CR3600 will innovate your imaging workflow.

iCR 3600 is a scalable design that allows for the highest efficiency Crystal IP phosphor screens, 16 Bit available gray scale, and upgradable features that provide users with stunning 10 lp/mm maximum resolution.

iCT 3600 has patented True Flat Scan Path™ technology. This technology ensures the phosphor plate never leaves the cassette to avoid any plate handling, damage or wear during the scan process.

Small is the new big. Introducing Chrome™, the elemental CR – a lightweight, compact, tabletop scanner designed specifically for the modern practice. This affordable, single-plate reader produces amazing image quality and is backed by powerful optics, sensors, and a solid-state, mechanical drive system. Physicians that require a reliable imaging system can now achieve amazing workflow at a much lower cost than comparable computer radiography solutions.


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