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AIVI – Artificial Intelligence Visual Investigator

AIVI is groundbreaking  echnology that is developed through machine learning neural network algorithms to enhance CCTV systems. In simplest terms it is a brain for your CCTV network to assess, investigate, alert and act as per your requirements. AIVI is a plug and play devise that supports both local in-house deployments and provides fast access to front-end equipment for visual AI analysis. In addition to supporting the smart big screen application layer, it can also provide API’s to support third-party platform access.



Loitering / wandering is a common issue in most aged care facilities. Residents suffering from various forms of dementia can lose orientation to time, place or person or forget the purpose of their activity. AIVI – Care can assist in detecting residents who are wandering within certain areas of the facility at specified times of the day or night and alert staff accordingly.


Proactive fall management – AIVI Care monitors residents at increased risk of fall due to various medical conditions. When they attempt to get out of bed or walk to the bathroom without assistance, carers can be alerted with the aim of averting a fall from happening. Reactive fall management-Whilst not all falls can be prevented, in instances where a fall has occurred, carers can also be alerted in real time so nursing assistance can be rendered quickly.


AIVI – Care can assist in reminding carers to provide pressure care to bedridden or immobile residents. Using AI to mitigate the occurrence of bed sores or pressure areas is an excellent example of how technology can improve the level of care and comfort of residents.


AIVI construction has the ability to monitor processes and on-site abnormal behaviour in real time. This technology can monitor and track process related concerns, dynamics of worker/ vehicles, building materials, construction equipment etc. 

It uses methods such as target detection and positioning, behaviour assessment and analysis to monitor and implement procedures such as dangerous object placement warning, health and safety concerns, process productivity maximisation, warning of dangerous behaviour etc. This system can be applied 24 hours to carry out comprehensive monitoring and reporting to ensure increase in productivity and safety of life and property..


AIVI traffic is developed to cater for traffic control and management needs in urban development environment which assist officials to fully utilise existing resources deployed. 

This system can not only obtain real-time urban traffic conditions, but also identify traffic element information, report abnormal events such as vehicle precise trajectory analysis, traffic congestion assessment, and more.

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