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ANPR Camera System

Automatic Number Plate Recognition is a system that helps to improve security through the use of special cameras. ANPR camera systems in Dubai have changed the surveillance game providing solutions for traffic monitoring, parking management, parking enforcement, among other applications. The camera system seeks to incorporate imaging and decryption of otherwise non-logical messages to give data output in a manner that can be consumed by its users. The cameras’ basic working can be customized for specific countries since license plate in different countries vary in font, orientation, and size.

New technology has seen the development of more intelligent ANPR camera systems build based on advanced tracking technologies that can be adopted in any country. The software behind the operation of these cameras is based on optical character recognition to work. The cameras can easily be connected to a remote computer for ease of access by the concerned party.

How Do ANPR Cameras Work?

As mentioned, ANPR cameras help to capture license plate images from fast-moving vehicles. They then decode the information on the image to characters revealing the number plate details in full. Data from the camera are saved in the internal memory of the device for future reference.


The software is simple and can easily be accessed on any computer. Image decoding techniques enhance pictures taken, after which optical character recognition separates individual characters. Some of the major components in ANPR systems include cameras, software, frame grabbers, and triggers.


ANPR camera systems are tailored to the specific country of use, although a few variants can be used internationally. They use optical character recognition software to decipher coded characters from the captured images.


The software combines seven different algorithms to function fully. The algorithms find the plates on the car, identify orientation and font size, adjust contrast and light, differentiate individual characters, arrange them according to the country’s rules, and give final output as a single image.


ANPR Camera Applications

The use of these cameras was traditionally limited for use by the police and other law enforcement bodies. However, this intelligent system has slowly been incorporated in other areas over time. They offer additional security and help keep track of vehicle movement at different access points.

Privacy Implications of Automatic License Plate Recognition Technology

Traffic Law Enforcement

The traffic department is the most significant user of this technology. They use ANPR camera systems to screen and capture law offenders along major highways and other service roads. It is reliable for this purpose due to its high accuracy.

Parking Management

Malls and other buildings with the increased flow of traffic are adopting this system to improve parking management. The digitalized system helps to accurately acquire information useful in determining parking fees and track vehicle movement in their premises.


This system helps traffic police by digitizing the speed monitoring process. Speed limit offenders are recorded by the cameras and receive their tickets complete with their plates’ image and their speed when the picture was taken.

Electronic Toll Collection

Toll collection has been made easier by ANPR system automation. Vehicles no longer have to pull over at an attendant to pay their fees. The system has now gone wireless, improving efficiency and reducing waiting time at toll stations.


The use of this technology heightens security. In case of any accidents or incidences involving a motor vehicle, images captured by these cameras can help identify the car involved and thereby assist in the investigation.

What is the Price of an ANPR Camera in Dubai?

At ePm UAE, we provide fully functional 4K HD Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems. The camera systems we offer can not only detect number plates but can also store information. ANPR camera systems we provide can also act as a standard CCTV system, as it takes and stores all recorded information. Each of our ANPR cameras is approved by the Dubai Police and can be customized as per individual preferences. For an exact price against your specific requirement, reach out to our team today!

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