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ANPR System

Short for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, ANPR is a technology that captures vehicle number plates at any speed. EPM’s selection of ANPR systems in Dubai uses advanced techniques to recognize number plates, capture them as images, identify the characters in the correct sequence they appear, and convert this to text. This data is recorded and can be useful in identifying a vehicle. It is usually associated with the police force’s traffic department who uses it to capture traffic offenders. However, it is an efficient system to use in mall entrances for security or to automate information at a weighbridge or toll station. On the whole, it helps to improve security and road safety by identifying and alienating people on the wrong side of the law by keeping a record of their details.

How Do ANPR Systems Work?

ANPR systems are strategically placed at a chosen location to monitor vehicles. They have imaging hardware at the front, which records vehicle number plates’ images as they drive past. The images are transmitted onto a reader where they are analyzed by an optical character recognition software that makes letters and numbers out of the picture. The software then produces a clear image with the car’s number plate details, which are then looked up against an extensive database for identification. From this database, the vehicle is linked to its owner, who can then be contacted if required.

Benefits of ANPR Systems

Due to the many benefits that it offers, ANPR systems have become a preferred choice on roads, airports, and other public places. More and more people are embracing it, with the number of installations growing significantly over time. Why use ANPR? Here are a few reasons:
  • It is a very accurate method of obtaining vehicle data.
  • It uses simple hardware that is not easily detectable.
  • The simplicity of its hardware makes it easy to install and is equally inexpensive to purchase and install.
  • Even the smallest size memory card that comes in can accommodate data for at least thirty days before it is full.
  • The systems are not prone to system failures as all the data is safely stored away in the memory card.
  • The system is compatible with conventional speed cameras, which means you don’t have to invest in any new devices.
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