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Film Digitizer Solutions
Array 2905 / 2905HD Digital x-ray film scanner or Laser Film Digitizer

High-precision, high-speed scanning industrial X-ray film

Optical density (blackness value) up to 4.70 (Array 2905HD)

12 bits (4096 grayscale, linear optical density) rich dynamic range

Scanning pixels adjustable from 50μm to 500μm (step size 1μm)

Digitizes a 14×17-inch film in only 6 seconds (standard pitch 200μm)

Professional scanning software and powerful image evaluation/management application software

Array 2905/2905HD Digital Scanner

It is a high-performance film digitizer that digitizes all standard format negatives. Maximum width of negative film up to 14 inches (36cm), no length limit. Resolution between 50μm and 500μm, fast scanning, high image quality. All-steel construction and housing meet the ruggedness of any industrial NDT application environment to effectively protect laser and optical components. Array 2905HD is the world’s first and only scanner capable of digitizing industrial X-ray film within the range of all blackness values specified by ISO and GB standards (D=0.5 to 4.5).  Array 2905HD fully complies with EN14096 part 2 requirements for DS level (highest level) film digitizing systems. This characterization of Array 2905HD passed the review and confirmation of BAM (Germany Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing) on September 2, 2003

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