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incontinence care solutions - provenmeg activgo
Incontinence Care Solutions – ProvenMEG ActivGo

ActivGo™ is a patented non-invasive technology developed by ProvenMed International to provide advanced urine incontinence management with optimal comfort and reliability.


ActivGo™ is one of the most appropriate urinary collection designed to recover a normal social life for men suffering from urinary incontinence. ActivGo™ was developed to meet the specific needs of men in terms of comfort and hygiene, particularly when used during entire days. Remaining dry is critical: ActivGo ™ spares men from potentially embarrassing situations.

ActivGo™ consists of three components:

  • Male Shell: wearable, comfortable and safe chamber made of biocompatible and skin-friendly silicon. It allows urine to naturally flow through anti-reflux valves and collect into a discreet bag. The shell is designed to comfortably fit the contours of the crotch. A penile sheath and a soft scrotum case permit adequate fitting to the body with no penile constriction or use of adhesives. Following urination, a pump can be activated to flush down water to the shell through a small shower system that pulverizes water on both the penis and the internal shell surface for cleaning purposes.
  • Collector: original urine collection bag. Its beehive-inspired collector shape allows a substantial amount of urine to evenly distribute into its cells, hence preventing a bulging effect or undesired splashing sounds. Its tight and safe seal makes the ActivGo™ collector odor proof and leakproof.
  • Pump: ergonomic, small and light reservoir filled with water or diluted detergent that flushes liquids down the shell by a simple and gentle manual pressure. Internal disinfection of genitals and surfaces soiled by urine helps prevent urinary tract infections and provides a freshness and cleanliness feeling. The pump may be refilled whenever needed through a plug located at the top of the reservoir.

Advantages of ActivGo™

Changing urine incontinence care practice.

ProvenMed technology is available in two ActivGo™ models: reusable and disposable. Each model targets a specific market segments. 


The competitive advantages of the ActivGo™ system include:

  • The only product of its kind that features a cleaning pump
  • Skin maceration and irritation prevention
  • Urinary tract infection prevention
  • Noninvasiveness
  • Biocompatible and skin-friendly silicon
  • No adhesive or clamp
  • Reusable and cost effective
  • Comfortable and discreet
  • Odor proof.


The value of ProvenMed’s products lies in patients’ satisfaction. While using ActivGo™, men eventually gain previously unmet benefits including: improved quality of life and active lifestyle, infection prevention, substantial cost reduction, autonomy and self esteem increase. Not only will ActivGo™ help millions of previously poorly-managed patients, it will also also change current practices in a user-friendly manner thanks to its cost-effective technology. We expect an enthusiastic adoption by caregivers and patients in the setting of home and hospital care.

Compared with existing solutions that require adhesives and delicate training for safe usage, ActivGo™ is incredibly intuitive. There will be no additional need for specific monitoring by healthcare providers. Thus, thanks to decreased caregiver involvement setting up the device in home care, ActivGo™ is expected to dramatically decrease healthcare costs while reducing infection rates. 


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