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Biometric Time and Attendance Control System

A time and attendance system, as suggested by its name, is an effective means to monitor employees’ time and attendance remotely. Such systems require employees to clock in using their fingerprints or other physical identifiers to mark their attendance. Our selection of biometric attendance system in Dubai is designed to cultivate discipline and punctuality in the workplace. When a specific biometric data is entered into the system, the software captures the signature or mathematical algorithm score of the biometric entity. The algorithm so generated cannot be re-engineered or recreated and hence prevents any chances of fraud or duplication from occurring. Our time attendance systems are designed to provide management with all the necessary information they need to track employee movement in and out of the workplace. For more information about the time attendance machine that we offer or to receive a customized quote against your requirement, get in touch with our team today!

What We Offer

Project Consulting

We provide consultation services to our clients and advise accordingly on the kind of biometric attendance system they wish to implement and the goals they hope to achieve using this system.

Solution Design

This is dependent on the project the client wishes to take on. We then come up with an appropriate project framework and timeline to completion based on their intended purpose.

On-Site Management

The time attendance machine we provide enable supervisors to oversee and manage employee behavior in real-time and address any issues as they occur. We ensure that management has all the necessary data to back all claims of indiscipline and misdemeanor.

After Sales Support

We provide follow up services to ensure that the biometric time attendance system is working as intended to enable our clients to enjoy the best experience and ensure that they get the best value for their money.

Benefits of Biometric Time & Attendance System

Many benefits come with the use of a biometric time and attendance control system. All corporate entities have some form of time and attendance control measures in place. It is because these small aspects of a workplace contribute to overall performance and attaining organizational goals. Users of time attendance system benefit in the following ways:

  • There is improved accountability with employee trends being closely monitored as no one wants to be flagged for such small issues.
  • Management can use information from the system to reward deserving employees and confront the “troublemakers.”
  • An attendance system can help in determining who is within the given premises in a given time, a piece of information that is particularly useful should there be a security concern.
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