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ID Card printing & management software

Magic (Manage and Generate ID Card) is a proven solution for years in the market for designing, managing, encoding and personalizing ID cards professionally and securely. The software is capable to use advanced printing and encoding techniques to produce ID cards using PVC cards, smart cards and magnetic stripe cards.


Microsoft Office interface


True RTL Support
Arabic Enabled


Supports Centralized / Decentralized Infrastructure
Supports Separate Printing & Enrolment Stations
Supports Combined Printing & Enrolment Stations


Comes with fully-configured database
Multiple database support
Store images in the database or in the file system
Supports Microsoft SQL Server (2008 and earlier)
Supports Oracle ( 11g and earlier )
Supports Microsoft Access databases ( 2010 and earlier )
Creates new columns without RDBMS
Use Batch Update Wizard to update multiple records

Record Search

Exact or any phrase search
Advanced search in more than one field
Search in any database column

Card Printing

Batch print cards with user-defined selection
Print cards individually or in batch with live preview


Supports popular 1D barcode types
Supports 2D barcode PDF417
Support QR Code


Encode all three tracks of magnetic stripe
Encode contact chip smart cards
Encode contactless smart cards

Image Acquisition

Capture photo, signature or fingerprint
Supports TWAIN compatible scanners and cameras
Capture images using Live Capture, Scanning or browsing
Provides storage of images in database or file system
Automatic and manual enhancement of captured images

Card Designer

WYSIWYG design and print
Dual-sided card design with different card orientations
Easy to flip between front and back layouts
Add bar codes with user-definable properties and values
Add photograph images with aspect ratio control
Draw dynamic text objects
Draw lines, rectangles, circle
Draw static text objects
User-defined object attributes
Move objects to front or back
Conditional printing of objects
Variants support
Specify opacity percentage for any object
Zoom in and out
Copy and paste between multiple designs
Full True Type and ATM font support
Supports ghost images and ghost text
Horizontal and Vertical Active Ruler
Inclined Text Support
Make same size by (Horizontal, Vertical and both)
Supports UV printing
Supports high resolution images for high quality printing

Other Features

Import Data (From Text files, Excel and ODBC database)
User Authentication and Access Rights
Audit Logs
Help and Documentation
PDF user manual for easy searching and sharing for Designer & application operations

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