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ePm UAE is amongst the leading secure identity issuance solutions provider in Dubai. Our unique expertise in integrating and supporting secure ID card solutions for various businesses has allowed us to work with the industry’s best-in-class vendors. We perfectly combine our in-depth knowledge and expertise in this domain to deliver end-to-end solutions. Backed by a team of experts, our team provides comprehensive solutions for ID card issuance that allows any organization to offer high-quality, secure cards as a standalone service. Our comprehensive solutions include ID card issuance, ID card secure printing, and document securing solutions.

Corporations from different fields demand a unique identity secure solutions for themselves. Corporate offices require highly productive, technologically updated, user-friendly ID solutions, while school requires an all in one card often combining access control with identification. At ePm UAE, we are determined to provide the safest and secure identity solution by integrating the latest technology to ensure minimum risk of unhealthy information sharing. Our service is open to both small-scale and nationwide corporates, where we tailor our solutions to your specific requirements. For more information, reach out to our team today.

Our Secure Issuance Solutions

Why Choose Us for Identity Issuance Needs

We provide and design identity solutions that help an organization become more efficient, safe, and protected against all possible odds. Our team works with you from the initial planning stage to ongoing support. We deliver superior, unmatched quality, and remarkable performance. Below we’ve outlined a few other factors as to why you should choose our security identity issuance solutions:

Reliable & Experienced Partner

We take pride in our extensive years of experience and being reliable partners with our clients. They solely rely on us for our flexibility, high responsiveness, and delivering the best and secured identity solution.

Security & Compliance

Our secure identity solutions ensure that employees and members of an organization comply with the security standards and regulations as they are easy and flexible to use and handle. Our work is guaranteed to be in line with your rules and regulations.

Flexibility & Options

Organizations today need multi-factor authentication to support the solution to protect access to their network, applications, and data. Our identity solutions are extremely flexible to accommodate to your customized identity enrollment needs.

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