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Keys Storage & Tracking System
Keys Storage & Tracking System

SAIK is an abbreviation of the full name: System of Automatic Key Identification.

Within the broad range of SAIK products there are deposit safes of various specificity for safe and monitored storage of keys and selected items and allowing their identification.

These devices are self-serviced and operate 24 hours a day for seven days a week without a necessity of constant supervision.

SAIK deposit safes can be interconnected, irrespective of the intended use of a particular model. Thanks to the connection into the network, interconnected units can cooperate, whether they are located in the same building or even on different continents. The system can be at any time expanded as the needs may be.

SAIK is a modern, constantly developed system, not only protecting valuable items but also allowing full control of access to them. All SAIK devices have been designed and manufactured in Poland since the year 2002.

Nearly every manager responsible for a company or institution efficient operation frequently asks himself the following question:

How to manage the keys? How to be in control of the circulation of keys? How to replace the register of given-out keys? How to relieve the porter from the nuisance of handling the keys, so that he can deal with other duties?

The effective solution to this problem comes with SAIK electronic deposit safes, which combine safe storage of keys with their access control and recording their circulation. SAIK is the abbreviation of the System of Automatic Key Identification designed and worked out by the bt electronics company.

Generally speaking, the system consists of an electronic cabinet for keys and the software which registers and permanently records every single act of collecting and giving out keys. Administrator of the control program – usually an authorized operative of a given user of the system – decides to grant key access rights to specific persons and determines periods of time when this access is possible. This system ideally suits clients who cannot or do not want to give up and do without mechanical keys but do have problems with the key management and recording the key circulation.

SAIK System offers a modern approach to key circulation management and provides full control over the access to staff rooms and documents and other valuable items deposited in deposit safes. Application of the SAIK system allows full identification and control of keys, deposit safes and employees, analysis of the data collected and enables instant reaction to emergency situations identified by the system.

Electronic cabinets of SAIK type together with their software have been in use for a dozen or so years with prestigious customers such as banks, public institutions and offices, higher education institutions, museums, old people’s houses, car saloons, enterprises and other entities where access control is an essential security factor.

SAIKKey – Key deposit safes

Basic and most often chosen device for key protection and management. It will perform perfectly in all types of organizations. A deposit safe was designed as a most all-purpose device: it combines easy management with optimal protection of keys.

SAIK KEY deposit safe stores, protects and allows intelligent management of single keys or whole key bunches behind the robust, steel casing.

A key ring- a universal key carrier

Keys are stored on key  rings, placed in special holes. Keys are fastened  to rings with the help of dedicated padlocks , which should be destroyed if the key is replaced and another padlock should be used. Such a solution facilitates independent replacement of the keys if necessary, and at the same time perfectly protects the keys against any unauthorized use.

Key rings are placed behind the  blocked door .  The door can be glazed, with a mirror or mat – always strengthened with protective foil.

Any key which is in circulation in the company can be stored on the key ring. Rings are blocked in the device, which means that the user cannot collect the key to which he is not authorized.

Key identification

brelokIn each ring there is an electronic identifier containing the information related to the key connected with it, such as its name, access authorization granted to particular employees, etc.

Size: The smallest device can protect only one key ring, the biggest one can store even 300 or more key rings. The key deposit safe size can be adjusted to particular needs. The biggest devices have got the double density of holes in the casing (HD-high density), thanks to which twice as many keys can be stored within the same space.

SAIKLock – insert deposit safe

SAIK LOCK is a deposit safe, which was designed for protection and management of keys used in the Master Key System (master-key).

In the SAIK LOCK deposit safe keys are deposited in the inserts compatible with specific door lock inserts. The device works on the principle of mechanical key identification, which means that the key is its own identifier and can be returned only to the dedicated insert.

Once the key has been inserted in the proper lock cylinder and turned round, it becomes blocked.  Thus, it is not available to other box users unauthorized to collect it.

SAIK LOCK deposit safes can be equipped with the European type inserts manufactured by any master-key system producer.

SAIK LOCK  provides protection of the profile and  of the working  surface of the key against the possibility of copying.

SAIKCar – Deposit safe for car keys and vehicle registration cards

SAIK CAR was created and designed for institutions with a fleet of company cars.

Events of collecting and returning keys and registration cards are recorded in the device. Upon the return of documents and keys the driver can enter the information on the route covered.
This information can include the following:

  • mileage,
  • amount of fuel tanked,
  • car wash,
  • reporting a defect,
  • other items chosen by the customer.

SAIK CAR comes with a breathalyzer  which can protect in an easy way the whole fleet of vehicles against  drivers under the influence of alcohol and consequences of using company cars by them.  A breathalyzer is installed in the deposit safe, under a camera supervision, which prevents against the attempts of cheating, which may happen  when a camera is installed in a vehicle.

A single SAIK CAR deposit safe with a  breathalyzer will be sufficient even for a  big number of cars in a company, so the implementation costs of such a system are relatively  low.

A SAIK CAR deposit safe was awarded a Gold Medal  on SECUREX 2016 International Security Fair  in Poznań for its innovativeness

SAIKBox – Not only keys

Deposit safe  based on the system of safe-deposit boxes.
Was designed for the safe and supervised storage of various items other than keys.

The use of special  RFID markers (tags) placed on particular items allows their identification after depositing. Thanks to this solution the system recognizes  specific items  deposited in particular safe-deposit boxes of the device.

Safe-deposit boxes can be also equipped with weight detectors or detectors detecting the presence of the item, without the necessity to equip the item with  special  markers (tags)  – the presence of the item in the safe-deposit box is then recognized, without its identification.

SAIK BOX is an ideal solution for storage of items such as:

  • sealing devices,
  • weapons,
  • mobile phones,
  • laptops and tablets,
  • briefcases with documents,
  • cash boxes,
  • hard discs,
  • other important and non-standard items

The size of a safe-deposit box is adjusted individually to the size of the item to be stored at the stage of placing an order and production .

Safe-deposit boxes can be equipped with telephone and tablet chargers, thanks to which particular items can be at the same time stored, protected, and their batteries – charged.

Access to the contents of safe-deposit boxes is the same as to the keys.

SAIKBasic – A simple cabinet without a key blocking

SAIK BASIC key cabinet was created in response to the demand of institutions and firms which want to solve the problem of circulation and protection of all the keys that they use with a limited budget at their disposal.

SAIK BASIC provides basic functions which enable proper key management at a low cost related to the implementation of the system. Main difference in relation to other systems is that the keys are not blocked in their sockets. This means, that the user authorized to open the cabinet has got access to all the keys deposited in the device. Unauthorized collection of the key shall be instantly recorded in the reports and can be defined by the system administrator as an alarming situation signaled acoustically and optically.

Unlike other SAIK series devices , BASIC type cabinets are controlled with the help of simplified software based exclusively on the Internet  browser. Besides, there is no possibility to expand the system, modify the software or change the number of keys or color of the cabinet to other than standard. The cabinet also does not have a touch screen, only a metal keyboard and a small alphanumerical LCD display.

Two types of automatic SAIK BASIC key cabinets are available, for 24 and  48 key sets

SAIK BASIC jest prepared to be installed independently by a Customer
The device is delivered in the insured courier package together with the installation manual.

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