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Mobile PDA

Professional PDA’s and Handheld terminals are available in several variants. What you need depends on the conditions in which you work and for which goal you want to use the professional PDA or Handheld terminal. For example, do you need a very rugged handheld? Or maybe it should be a compact PDA that is suitable for Retail and Hospitality. One thing is certain, the device should fit your needs.

PDA’s and Handheld terminals with various Auto-ID capabilities

A professional PDA or Handheld terminal may be in possession of various functionalities. For example, you might need a handheld with 1D/2D barcode scanner. These come in different varieties. You can choose a barcode scanner for short distances but also for so-called long range barcode scanners. These are able to scan barcodes at distances up to 11 meters.

PDA’s for outdoor usage

If you are active in enforcement as a policeman or traffic warden you work often outside. It is important that you can always read your handheld screen. For example, on a lovely summer day when the sun shines brightly. But also on a rainy autumn day you should be able to use your device properly. Therefore we have professional handheld devices with screens with high NITS values and wet touch technologies.

There are many more functionalities and features for a professional PDA or Handheld terminal. Such as operating system, RFID and NFC capabilities, screen size, processing power, memory and so on. It is important that you know which application you will use the professional PDA or Handheld terminal for. This includes a number of features. Follow our online catalog. You will find a professional PDA or Handheld terminal that suits you. Check out our newest PDA’s or Handheld terminals with the latest technologies. If you do not know exactly where you should look then we can help you.

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