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Whether you’re running a retail business, an industry, or a shipping company, monitoring assets across the entire organization is crucial. Realtime asset tracking solutions provide a comprehensive overview of all the assets within and outside the premises. It provides you with a better understanding of the assets you own and lease, their location, the costs involved, and whether they are functional. Here at ePm UAE, we supply a diverse range of market-leading asset tracking solutions for businesses in Dubai and across the region. With several years of experience and catering to both SMEs and large-sized businesses, we can handle even the most complex requirements.

Materials are often inappropriately shipped or stored, which can damage sensitive goods. The ideal approach to prevent this and improve logistics is through the use of real-time location systems. Our team is adept at offering asset management solutions that are quick to install and integrate easily into your existing systems. They can help you develop a solution using BLE Gateways, Realtime Assets Management Software, and BLE Beacons. To learn more about our service, feel free to reach out to our experts. Our proficient and skillful team will help you choose the most suitable technology based on your infrastructure, accuracy level, security, and total costs.

Our Solutions

Understanding Realtime Asset Management

ePm UAE Realtime assets tracking solutions involve three main techniques: Realtime Assets Management Software, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Gateway, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons. Equipped with IoT-enabled sensors, the BLE Beacon effectively pin down any asset locations, whether inside a warehouse or in transit. The asset management software effectively delivers accurate data, improves the management of your assets, equipment, and inventories. Different assets require specific solutions for tracking and handling. Our competent understand this and strive to offer you ideal solutions based on various factors. Fully customized hardware and software solutions are also available to meet the most demanding needs of your company.

Benefits of Our Realtime Asset Management

The ability to track assets in real time offers a wide range of benefits, such as saving time and significantly reducing expenditure. Through real-time asset tracking, asset managers can confirm when and how equipment is being utilized. Additionally, it allows for easy detection of any faults in the system. This can then lead to a comprehensive overview of an asset, allowing companies to plan purchases and maintenance effectively. Other benefits include:

  • Prevent assets from being lost, stolen, or misplaced.
  • Less manual procedures and downtime.
  • Improved workflow due to zero downtime.
  • Extends the assets life expectancy.
  • Help minimize insurance costs.
  • Provides accurate realtime data.
  • Ensures efficiency.
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