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Customer Interactive Touch Screens
Customer Interactive Touchscreens

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Interactive touch screens do more than just give customers information. They provide a space for customers to engage with your store and brand in a way that increases loyalty and customer satisfaction.

People are, by nature, curious. We love new experiences, and we can’t help but touch shiny buttons. Interactive touch screens bring an element of fun and surprise to what might be an otherwise traditional shopping experience. This fun experience allows customers to engage with your store more deeply and turns your store into more than just a place to buy something. Creating an engaging customer experience turns shopping into more than just a chore – it’s an experience.

The options for creating an engaging space for your customers through an interactive touch screen display are limitless.

Types of Interactive Touch Screen Displays

There are several types of interactive touch screen displays to choose from. Which one will work best for you will depend on your store and how you plan to use the display.

Small Form Factor Screens

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You can place small form factor screens throughout your store to create interactive experiences in different departments. From endcaps that display seasonal products to more permanent displays that show users how to use a product, small form factor screens can provide a range of services to improve customer experience. Here are just a few ideas:

Create an “Endless Aisle”

Use a small form factor screen to create an endless aisle in which customers can go deeper and deeper into a product line. Incorporate demonstration videos to show customers how to use a product and how multiple products can work together.

Make Dining Out Easier

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Small form factor screens can be placed on tables in restaurants to make it easier for customers to place orders, call for service, or sign up for rewards programs. You can also have a POS (point of sale) system so customers can pay when they’re ready to, rather than waiting on the wait staff to bring the check. This creates a more efficient dining experience.

Increase Sales

Customers are more likely to buy something if they see a digital sign for it than if they don’t. Strategically placing interactive touch screen displays throughout your store can increase sales just by marketing. Using your collected sales data, determine the best marketing messages to display and change them throughout the day as your customers change.

Interactive Merchandise Electronics

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Interactive merchandising electronics are completely customizable and bring some fun to your customers’ overall experience. Here are a few ideas for your store:

Let Customers Visualize a product

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Interactive merchandising displays let customers have fun with your merchandise. For instance, a car dealership might incorporate an interactive display to let customers see what a car would look like in various interior colors or with additional features. An appliance store could show customers what different appliances might look like inside their home and alongside other appliances.

Have Fun and Get Creative

Interactive touch screen displays give you full creative control to let the imagination of your customers run wild. These displays are a great way to make shopping fun and less like a chore. Give your customers a chance to visualize the items they’re considering purchasing in a more realistic, tangible way.

Let Customers Ignore the Things They Don’t Care About

Another important aspect of an interactive merchandise display is that it lets customers focus only on the things that matter to them when they’re making a buying decision. They can ignore everything they don’t care about and zero in on the features and information that will help them make a decision. This sort of personalized shopping experience will separate you from your competitors and will encourage your customers to keep coming back.


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