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Secure your premises. Track your visitors’ and employees’ locations in real-time.

Your office employees are very busy to keep an eye on every visitor. You cannot risk having your documents stolen, or top secret information leaked

Averos provides your building with wireless visitor badges, scanning gateways, access control integrations, and an intuitive software that captures your IP CCTV feed. All security features – under one hub.

Welcoming visitors is important for your office, but your employees will be distracted by out-of-control unscheduled and overstayed visitors. You don’t want to miss your targets and fail to achieve your sales goals.

Your office regularly receives visitors but you don’t know who or how important they are to the organisation. Don’t miss out on valuable data that allows you to increase security staff, understand your clients, increase your sales, and measure your employees performance.

Averos provides you with a visitor analytics and reporting tool that puts all your visitor data at your fingertips.

Don’t make your visitors line up at your welcoming desk, filling out endless paper work. Or have them lose their way navigating your building, and bothering your employees for directions. It’s a terrible first impression. Impress your clients and improve your brand image so you can increase your sales.

Averos visitor management software streamlines your visitor’s journey from the moment your appointment is made to the moment you say farewell.

Productivity declines when your workforce leave their posts during their shifts. You will not achieve your targets if you don’t measure your productivity. Extend tracking to your workforce using their wireless badges, and be alerted when your workforce leave their posts so you can manage them efficiently.

How it Works

Averos Visitor replaces your paper based visitor registry with a complete secure and streamlined visitor tracking and management system.

1. Beacons

Battery powered beacons are placed on walls, sending location data to visitors’ phones for guidance and navigation. Map kiosks are placed at chosen locations to guide visitors by tapping their visitor cards

2. Integrations

Averos easily integrates with with existing infrastructures like IP CCTV cameras and access control systems

3. Monitor from anywhere

Our software schedules visitors, shows their live location on maps, sends activity notifications, and reports visitor data. Available on web and mobile platforms

4. Security

Location data is sent to servers on-premise or in the cloud

5. Scanning gateways

The power-over-ethernet scanning gateways are plugged at every WiFi access point in your office. They scan for visitor badges and localize them with meter level accuracy

6. Visitor badges

The long life battery-operated visitor badges are enabled with wireless signals that advertises the the visitor’s location

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