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What is an Effective IT Self-Service Portal?

A Self-Service IT Portal is a website that empowers the consumer, allowing individuals to find needed answers quickly. Since most people are comfortable searching for information, most consumers have the requisite knowledge base for self-service portals. Also, our society is in love with speed. The ability to find information through a quick search versus taking the time to have a conversation is integral. Myriads of studies show that level one IT problems occupy up to 40% of an IT professional’s time. Having a self-service portal is a win-win since IT professionals can now save time (and money), while consumers find their answers faster.

As consumers search for more and more data, remembering where they found the data in the first place is critical. A self-service portal not only provides this information to consumers, but it also delivers a positive consumer experience. Although aesthetics can be important, a self-service portal will fail if it doesn’t provide the information needed.

Benefits of a Self-Service IT Portal

Both the consumer and the service provider benefit from a well-organized portal. Since so many services are now computerized, the IT department is generally viewed as the backbone of every organization.

Have you ever searched for a piece of information on a search engine? Have you ever called support and waited on hold for an issue with your cable or cell phone provider? Compare these two experiences and how you felt after each one. This comparison will give you an idea of how people feel with a self-service IT portal versus not having one.

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