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smart electronic locker System
SAIK system  consists of the following elements:
  • State-of-the-art electronic deposit safes for keys or other valuable items – it is a basic element of the system . A deposit safe, also called an electronic cabinet for keys, provides management and safe storage of keys or other valuable items. Number, size and type of deposit safes is not limited and depends exclusively on the requirements of the Customer.
  • SAIK software – essential element of the system, which allows not only to grant access to protected resources but also to create reports of events in the system based on selected criteria and to carry out numerous other functions.
  • Central database server – depending on the size of the system, it is installed either  in one of the deposit safes or constitutes  a separate element placed for example in the company server room.
  • Power and logic wiring, supplementary accessories, such as cameras, frames, racks, monitors and alike.
Main advantages of using SAIK system
  • Application of the  System shall cut down the overheads of an enterprise or organization by shortening time-consuming procedures  and elimination of redundant  activities. The registers of key collections and returns become redundant, nobody will waste his time any longer for searching for keys or persons who have them in their possession at a given time. The change in employees’ awareness  will lead to minimizing the risk of losing keys and employees who have dealt with their storage so far now will be able to  focus on other activities. All these aspects eventually translate  into financial and time efficiency  in the organization management , which is a key success factor in competitive environment.
  • These devices are fully self-serviced , operate around the clock 7 days a week, without a necessity of constant supervision.
  • Thanks to  equipping  socket for keys and safe deposit boxes  with advanced electronics and connecting them to the computer network, the system not only protects valuable items but also  allows full control of access to them.
  • The system is ideal for organizations, institutions and enterprises which need to store and give out keys/items to their employees or external service providers in an efficient , safe, and supervised manner.
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