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queue management software
Queue Management Software

ESII offers queue management solutions to improve the customer reception: single line queue, interactive kiosk, appointment booking.

ESII creates, develops and commercialises the technology, the solutions and the services to respond to the increasingly sophisticated demands of the queue management market. Our company offers solutions and services with high added-value for customer journey management, the optimization of resources, purchase collection, queue management, ticket dispenser, digital signage and interactive kiosks.



ESII offers a range of scalable and versatile interactive kiosks to meet all your needs. Our range can be adapted to various configurations with many options (non-limiting examples):

  1. Identification readers:
  • Smart card readers (payment cards*, insurance card ..)
  • 1D and 2D barcode readers
  • Fingerprint identification readers
  • Memory sticks players and recorders
  1. Printers:
  • 80mm printers
  • A4 printers
  • Barcode labels printers (for patient records, etc.)
  1. Screen sizes from 17 ” to 27 ”
  2. Cameras or sensors:
  • Presence detectors and cameras to recognize the visitor
  • Cameras for biometrics (facial recognition, iris recognition …)

All terminals are accessible for disabled persons and designed for intensive use by public.


  1. WEASY – Ticketless reception solution

The Weasy ESII solution makes your customers free from waiting. It displays dynamically the number of people waiting and when the counter calls, it starts vibrating, buzzing and displaying the point of service to go to. When another customer is called, Weasy automatically goes into standby and once repositioned on its base, it automatically charges. Connected to all our reception management systems, it allows you to manage all your visitors.

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