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TRipod gates
Turnstiles - TiSO

Centurion-M is tripod turnstile gate which has a new mechanism Triservo-M. A brushed or polished stainless steel finish will suit any interior (powder coated version available). Those turnstiles take minimum space and give maximum efficiency, the fast responding motor and quick operation will eliminate crowding at the entrance. The drop arm function efficiently enables free passage in case of emergency. The enclosure design of Centurion M turnstile means it is suitable for outdoor installation without an additional canopy or extensive alterations.

Turnstiles - TiSO
 Bastion-M Twin

Bastion-M Twin is one leg base tripod turnstile gate. Bastion M Twin tripod access system has a new mechanism Triservo-M and a double LED indication. Enlarged housing allows getting extra strength and robust benefits which keep pedestrian traffics of high intensity.

Turnstiles - TiSO

Skull – M is a gate barrier with a special wall mounting design. Skull-M turnstile has a double LED indication – on the side and on top. A variety of housing finishing types enables this tripod turnstile to be fitted to a range of installation sites, both indoors and outdoors. It includes an anti-panic function (to prevent injury in the case of people panicking by allowing fast and easy egress to the people in the building).

Turnstiles - TiSO
Twix – М Twin

The range of twin security gates brings into the life the idea of two turnstiles setting up within one housing. Twix-M Twin is a robust and reliable model of the tripod turnstile series. Space saving, cost reducing and installation simplification are the main benefits to be outlined. Twix M Twin turnstile has new mechanism Triservo-M. These security barriers will efficiently control the entrance even in intensive pedestrian flow mode, making it suitable for heavily used sites. To overcome the potential problem of crowding in an emergency the Twix-M Twin automatic tripod turnstile has a drop arm function.

Turnstiles - TiSO
Twix All-In-One – M

Elegant Twix All-in-one – M turnstile can be made in different materials. This tripod access control system allows you to choose the modification that will perfectly suit the building whether a bold, modern contemporary business centre or a simple interior access of an industrial facility. Twix All-in-one M makes it easy to include the turnstile accessories – controllers, barcode scanners / fingerprint, coin acceptors, card reader, ticket printers and checks. Waist-high tripod turnstile also has a place for advertising. Twix All-in-one – M is equipped with an anti-panic function to allow free access in an emergency. Mounting brackets for card readers are placed under the top by default.


Turnstiles - TiSO
Galaxy – M

Galaxy – M turnstile combines the functional Twix and stylish Sweeper. Galaxy M turnstile access consists of transparent glass framed by high strength steel. The contemporary design of the cabinet is a stylish addition to the range. While the housing is manufactured from stainless steel, a number of finishes are available, polished, brushed etc. The glass is equipped with LED indicators that change colour depending on the entrance mode. On the top of Galaxy M tripod barrier turnstile is a card reader and LED display. Galaxy – M has new mechanism Triservo-M.

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