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We have listened to your needs and delivered on our promise to ensure the most efficient parking applications in the world. The first system for indoor and outdoor parking, the ClevercitiCard incorporates all the features of smart parking on a single card.

ClevercitiCard is the first system to seamlessly combine outdoor and indoor parking guidance, including single-space occupancy detection, all in a single credit-card-size smart card. ClevercitiCard’s patented solution is designed to provide integrated, frictionless permit payment and parking guidance for drivers, and offers a complete management solution for parking operators in a variety of industries. It can also be used to provide access to gated or secure areas.

Organizations can gather new levels of intelligence about their parking operations, and when combined with the Cleverciti parking management platform, this correlated data streamlines parking management and guidance for surface lots and parking garages.

This patented solution detects the exact position of a vehicle, identification of each user and their permit, reservation and payment status. Together, this correlated data streamlines management and guidance for surface lots and parking garages.


Gain new levels of intelligence into your parking operations with Cleverciti. Our live dashboard enables organizations to see each user and the details associated with their account. You gain insight with real-time occupancy statistics to determine whether there is a need to reroute drivers to another area.


Talk about modern: ClevercitiCard sends geofenced push message to drivers to identify free spaces upon approach to a parking area or garage. The application delivers specific guidance to the nearest space near the destination, and even accounts for authorized permit or area targeted. Drivers can reserve spaces in select areas as well.

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