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As one of the leading CCTV companies in Dubai, we provide reliable and cost-effective CCTV security solutions to customers based across the UAE. We are also widely recognized as one of the largest CCTV installation companies in Dubai, with many completed projects in our portfolio. We use advanced technology that caters to imaging, storage, while also providing high-tech cameras, including thermal cameras. At ePm UAE, we can incorporate other security solutions to go hand in hand with this service to tighten security measures. An example is the use of an ANPR camera system in Dubai, that works perfectly with CCTV cameras for basements, parking lots, malls, roads, and other public places.

We have worked with many institutions in the past and continue to provide after-market support where needed. Our clients include offices, learning institutions, restaurants, hotels, private property, and homes. Our CCTV solutions in Dubai are tailor-made to suit the individual needs of each client to the best possible level.

Industries We Serve

As mentioned, we have worked with different industry sectors in the past, fulfilling CCTV installations as per their needs. The varied nature of these industries validates our strong reputation as one of the premier CCTV installation companies in the UAE.


We provide CCTV installations for schools and other tertiary learning institutions in Dubai at an affordable rate. For the safety of the premises and the students, this has become a mandatory requirement for them to operate.


Proper security systems increase the credibility and star-rating of hotels and prompt management to factor in CCTV installations as a priority.


CCTV cameras come in handy in monitoring medical facility premises and improve overall security. Medical staff can keep an eye on patients remotely from a central control point instead of having a team in every ward.


Private residences have also jumped on board this bandwagon as a risk management solution for its residents. In high-end properties, CCTV cameras are used alongside intercom systems to buzz in visitors into the premises.


Business owners can now monitor their businesses remotely by using CCTV security systems in real-time from their phones. Commercial entities are some of the oldest clients to integrate CCTV solutions companies in Dubai.

Benefits of Our CCTV Solutions in Dubai?

There are several reasons why our CCTV systems would be a valuable addition to your home or business. We have different types of camera systems in Dubai to suit different needs, and we give suitable recommendations to allow our clients to enjoy the best experience after installation. They include PTZ cameras, bullet type, and dome cameras. Some of their benefits include:

  • Installation is budget-friendly, and for that one-time payment, the system can serve its purpose for long periods at no additional cost.
  • They are easy to install and operate.
  • Clients are assured of sharp images from the high-quality resolution of the cameras.
  • We have weatherproof cameras to cater for outdoor needs in areas experiencing harsh weather conditions.
  • Round-the-clock surveillance due to the night vision feature that enables the camera to perform in low lighting conditions.
  • Suitable cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Long-range and ability to tilt or zoom enable surveillance from various angles thereby improving efficiency.

About Our CCTV Installation Service

Clients can reach out to us for consultation on their CCTV security system needs. Upon receiving an inquiry, our experts analyze the premises’ risk factor and overall layout to determine the best zones to be monitored by CCTVs. When the number of cameras required has been decided, we provide a quote based on the agreed requirements for their approval. Once approved, we’ll proceed to install the system based on your need. Our rates are budget-friendly, and all interested parties are welcome to consult with us at no extra cost. After installation, we are also available to provide any support that the client will require.

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