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At ePm UAE, we are proud to be recognized as the leading supplier of interactive self-service kiosks in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the country. From digital signage and touchscreen kiosks to transactional payment kiosks, we’ve helped numerous public and private sector brands in the country with our exclusive range of solutions. We source our selection of kiosks from some of the most trusted brands within the industry. As a complete turnkey solution provider, we specialize in delivering a comprehensive end-to-end service, including kiosk installation and ongoing after-sales support.

Our kiosks in Dubai ensure that your customers receive a consistent welcome and shopping experience. Built using the most cutting-edge kiosk technology, our products are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and reduce queue size, maximize profits, and enhance the overall customer experience. As a premier supplier of innovative imaging technology solutions, we have a nationwide network of fully trained service engineers who can efficiently fix any kiosk issue. Get in touch with us to learn more about the kiosks that we offer and to get a customized quote against your requirement.

Self-Service Kiosk Applications

Self-Service Kiosk Applications

Kiosks are self-service terminals that are widely used within a variety of industries for numerous purposes, including product promotion and digital advertising. Listed are some of the major applications of kiosks:

Public Information Kiosk

Information kiosks are a convenient means to provide users of the system with all the necessary information, such as product features, industry news, and store direction. They are commonly used in health care facilities, public offices, and retail showrooms, to name a few.

Bill Payment Kiosk

Payment kiosks act as a one-stop bill payment terminal, offering ultimate convenience to the end-user. They serve as an excellent aggregation point for financial services, including check cashing, money orders, and eCommerce.

Ticketing Kiosk

Whether it be an amusement park, airport, stadium, or lotteries, ticketing kiosks enable your customers to purchase tickets quickly and easily. Simply put, they are the perfect self-service solution for buying and dispensing.

Benefits of Interactive Kiosks

Benefits of Interactive Kiosks​

The fundamental advantage provided by any form of self-service technology is that it allows the consumer to engage with the product or service directly. Secondly, by making the information available in a self-service format, customers can access data in a much more efficient manner than through a customer support executive. Listed are some of the significant benefits of interactive kiosks:

Improve Employee Morale

Interactive kiosks can be programmed to answer those routine questions which customers might have about your product. Freeing up your employees from such mundane tasks can not only reduce staff turnover, but it can also boost productivity and reduce staff turnover.

Reduce Operational Costs

With interactive kiosks in place, businesses will no longer need a dedicated customer service team. Additionally, kiosks can operate 24/7 and do not need breaks in between, helping you to remain operational at all times.

Analyze Customer Behavior

Kiosks can be programmed to collect data whenever a customer interacts with it. Such data can be used to analyze customer behavior and thereby improve the existing service.

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