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As the Covid-19 pandemic intensifies, several businesses seek various pandemic prevention solutions to help flatten the curve. With companies, schools and several other facilities resuming operations, it is vital for employees and individuals to feel safe and confident. At ePm UAE, we bridge the gap and offer companies trustworthy solutions to mitigate the spread of the virus. Backed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, our pandemic preventive solutions help promote a touch-free environment for customers and users. We take glory in provididng a highly effective prevention solution which includes the Touch to Touchless solutions, Fever Detection Camera solutions, and Occupancy Control solutions.

Our solutions are suitable for both SMEs and large-size corporates, thereby allowing employees to safely return to their workplace. It is also ideal to use in schools, restaurants, retail stores, and shopping malls. Keep your employees and visitors feeling safe and comfortable with our touchless solutions, further preventing the spread of germs. Our contact-free fever detection solution will easily detect the temperature of everyone entering the building, whereas, through the occupancy control system, you have complete control over the number of people visiting the premises. To learn more about our service, contact our team and we’ll gladly assist you with the process.

Our Pandemic Prevention Solutions

How Our Products Help with Pandemic Prevention

As a reliable pandemic prevention solution provider, we ensure to keep both customers and users safe and well-protected from the virus. Our solutions have been designed to easily detect the symptoms thereby preventing germs from spreading. In today’s date and time, touchless solutions have become an essential requirement at every premise. Be it healthcare facilities, convention centers, office buildings or any other public space, they have become a breeding ground for germs. The less we come in contact, the leser the chances of transfering germs. Here we explain how our products help in pandemic prevention.

  • We have gesture-controlled touchless lift calling sensors.
  • Thermal cameras to detect your body temperature.
  • Touchless face recognition.
  • Detect fingerprints by waving.
  • Alerting smart cards with an audible infrared sensor, which ensures adequate distance from others.
  • Voice recognition devices.
  • Facial recognition through face masks.
  • Maintaining social distance.
  • Avoid people crowding.
  • Have better occupancy control.
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