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Points to Consider While Buying a Video Surveillance System

Surveillance cameras and storage technologies are widely used to secure business premises and assets. Various modern cameras provide accurate video recording, storage and instant alert systems to ensure complete protection from anywhere.

Security is a major component for any businesses to safeguard its assets and revenue. Various CCTV companies in Dubai offer modern surveillance systems and software to provide advanced protection to businesses as per their requirements. CCTV cameras with advanced features like modern sensors and automatic notification systems can help in ensuring safety from anywhere and everywhere. The availability of these systems at reasonable prices makes them available for large and small businesses easily. They also come with customizability to tailor the plan and its features according to your business. But choosing the right system from a reliable supplier is essential. Consider the following factors to evaluate a video surveillance system:

Camera Type

Video surveillance cameras are mainly available in two types – analogue and Internet Protocol (IP) cameras. Analogue models are the ones that have been traditionally in the market. They include fewer features and are based on limited capacity systems. Whereas IP cameras include advanced features and alert systems for instant updates. They can record quality visuals and also send automatic alerts through the internet.


This factor will vary depending on the business requirement, such as the area to be covered, the number of cameras required, type and capacity of video storage, and other additional features to be included. Whether you need a single camera or multi-camera system, determine the extent of service you require for your business.


If you avail simple single-camera system, you can install it yourself at the crucial surveillance point in your business area. The complex video surveillance system has to be installed at different locations with proper networking for larger companies and warehouses. You will need professional help in the case of installing the multiple-camera system.

Storage System

Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Network Video Recorder (NVR) and Hybrid are the video storage systems available to store videos recorded by the CCTV cameras. DVR systems are used with analogue cameras and hence form a traditional surveillance video storage system. IP cameras work with the NPR system and ensure a proper networked system to record and store videos quickly. Hybrid storage offers a flexible system that can store from both IP and analogue cameras.

Advanced Features

High-end cameras come with advanced video recording capabilities such as motion sensors like smart motion detection, night vision lens, and other standard features such as panning, tilting, and zooming. You can choose the system based on the surveillance you need. The cameras should also be selected based on their compatibility for indoor and outdoor uses. Strong weatherproof cameras are best suited for surveillance in outdoor spaces.

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